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We've got you covered!

Whether you are just starting high school or are ready to apply to college,

our teams of experts simplify the process to mitigate stress & help

you submit apps you're proud of!


17 virtual modules


comprehensive program

live webinars and Q&A sessions

how-to videos

templates, checklists, dos & don'ts

book an expert*

*experienced educators, professional writers, college  professors, college experts, etc.

Personalized Coaching

2 college experts per student 

comprehensive guidance

dedicated team

undivided attention

custom packages 

frequent & consistent Zoom mtgs.

regular communication

real-time feedback

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How to Choose?

AppsGenius is more your speed if you...

  • are getting started spring of jr year onward

  • are applying to a handful of colleges

  • seek guidance on application strategies

  • seek monthly access to experts

    • option to book 1:1 sessions

  • want templates/checklists that ensure you stay on track

  • want to work on your apps on your own time (great for procrastinators and/or night owls!)

Personalized Coaching is for you if you...

  • are preparing for college apps prior to jr year

  • plan to apply to high-tier universities and/or competitive programs

  • need or prefer additional support

  • seek consistent individualized attention

  • would like an extra push to stay on track

  • want hands-on interaction from start to finish

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