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The Team

Standing out as an applicant is more important than ever.

That's why we've taken our extensive experience and created a comprehensive

approach to building an application that is truly unique. 


Barbara Milhizer

Co-Founder and Principal

Through her 25 years in corporate communications and as an AP English teacher, Barbara has coached thousands of clients and students in telling their unique stories with confidence. Her passion is helping students find their perfect fit and infusing their voice in an application they are proud of and that sets them apart in a competitive environment. Barbara also served as an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University.

Sarah Thomas

Co-Founder and Principal

As a former AP English teacher of 10 years, Sarah has cultivated thousands of 1:1 relationships with students. She is an expert at breaking complex, intimidating tasks into manageable pieces, which empowers students to turn their anxieties into productive action. With Sarah's guidance, students are not only invested and take ownership of their goals, but feel in control of the process and ultimately proud of their outcome. 


Meet the Team

Each team member brings coaching expertise, as well as extensive training and writing expertise.

They share a passion for meeting students where they are and guiding them to create

stand-out applications that don't sacrifice personal style. 

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