Who We Are

Standing out as an applicant is more important than ever. That's why we've taken our extensive experience and created a personalized approach to building an application that is truly unique.


Sarah Thomas
Co-Founder and Principal

As a former AP English teacher of 10 years, Sarah has cultivated thousands of 1:1 relationships with students She is an expert at breaking complex, intimidating tasks into manageable pieces, which empowers students to turn their anxieties into productive action. After working with Sarah, students not only take pride in who they are and what they are capable of, but they also take ownership of their goals.

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Lisa Jackson

Barbara Milhizer
Co-Founder and Principal

Through her 25 years in corporate communications and as an AP English teacher, Barbara has coached thousands of clients and students in telling their unique stories with confidence. Her passion is helping students find their perfect fit and infusing their voice in an application they are proud of and that sets them apart in a competitive environment. Barbara also serves as an alumni interviewer for Northwestern University.


Rebecca Colvin

During her seventeen years in the classroom as an English and AP U.S. History teacher, Rebecca discovered various ways to help students organize their thoughts into meaningful essays. She loves to write and to help students discover their own voices through the written word. Her goal is to equip students with the necessary skills to conquer their fears of writing and to express themselves fluently and effectively.

Lisa brings 33 years of educational experience with her. She is intent on helping students master the art of writing. Realizing the importance of collaborative relationships, she is compassionate, energetic, and focused on students achieving their goals. Lisa excels at developing confident, creative writers who express themselves in their work. She is a strong believer in students’ recognizing, utilizing, and achieving their full potential.