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What We Offer

The number of college applications has doubled in the last 15 years, making selective schools even more competitive and standing out in the crowd more challenging. One-size-fits-all workshop models rarely work for everyone. How can what’s good for a group be in your best interest as an individual? We believe in comprehensive, personalized and customizable options, unique to you. Select one of our popular packages or build your own to suit your individual needs. 

All Access

Our most comprehensive package guides you through every step of the process: from guidance with academic schedules and extra-curricular activities to targeting Best Fit schools and creating stellar applications. Personalized coaching and expertise is customized to your needs.



Our most popular package delivers step-by-step guidance on representing you as a Stand-Out Candidate, focusing on identifying Best Fit schools and delivering unique applications, with tools and strategies to manage every aspect of the process.


Fast Pass

This package suits students who know what they want,  providing  expert guidance focused on creating applications that will represent their unique qualifications and personalities and stand out from the crowd.


Grad School Coach

This package assists students applying to graduate school. We help students assess their goals, create an application plan and timeline, curate their school list,  showcase their strengths through the application, and help them nail the interview.


Build Your Own

We believe each client is unique and in order to stand out in this process, a personalized experience is key.  Customize your package to suit your needs and budget. Choose from our extensive list of services or request your own.


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